Collaboration: Dillworth Middle School

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A student digitally edits his image using Photoshop

Gaye Hockenberry, Visual Arts (grades 6-8) 
Gloria Rautman, Warhol Education Staff

For this unit on portraiture, students took digital portraits of each other in different sections of the school. Downloading their portraits into Adobe Photoshop, the students first converted the images to black-and-white. Students then created four self-portraits, each with a different characteristic. 

The first portrait remained black-and-white, while the second was digitally altered. They drew or painted on the third image, and the final portrait was created through printmaking. Using a pencil, students etched design elements into Styrofoam lunch trays. Afterwards they applied paint to the Styrofoam using ink and rollers. Students then printed directly onto their “underpainted” digital print. After completing all four portraits, they mounted them onto card stock. Carefully arranging the portraits in Warhol’s traditional four-portrait layout style, the students punched holes around each portrait, and then sewed them together with yarn. They then stitched their portraits together to create an even larger quilt that was easily displayed in their school’s hallway. Students were shown various photographs taken by Andy Warhol, focusing on his later series of stitched photos. Students wrote evaluations at the end of the project.

Teacher Reflections: 


The students scouted out locations for photographing each other. The project was collaboration from the beginning. They helped one another to print, sew and work in Photoshop … great team work.

Gloria Rautman, Andy Warhol Museum Artist/Educator  

Students were able to apply technology skills to make self-portraits. Students were amazed that Warhol did not have today’s technological advances to create his artwork.

Gaye Hockenberry, Visual Arts (6th-8th grade), Dillworth Middle School  
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A student digitally manipulates his image
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