Collaboration: Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild & Artists Image Resource

Close up of silkscreened and toner transfers on tile mural

Paul Wandless, Visiting Artist  
Dave Deiley, Ceramics/MCG 
Nicole Dezelon, Warhol Education Staff 

Between Surface and Self, an Interdisciplinary ceramic collaboration between The Andy Warhol Museum, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Artists Image Resource, highlighted the nationally recognized after-school arts education programs available to teens in the Pittsburgh region. Introduced by visiting ceramic artist Paul Wandless, this mural project incorporated both traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques on clay. 

Students explored the artistic practice of Andy Warhol as well as his collaborations with graffiti artist and painter Jean Michel Basquiat. Working from personal experience as well as responses to their visual culture, students developed imagery via collage, laser toner transfer, monoprinting and silkscreen printing. The goal of this collaboration was to propose a youth artwork that showcased the creative capacity of young artists in the Pittsburgh region.  Intended to coincide with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts conference in Pittsburgh, this project brought together a diverse group of students who explored the medium of clay and its potential for creative expression. The theme of this collaboration was Pittsburgh Past and Present.  Students decided to showcase Pittsburgh’s contributions to music, art and industry. They used quotations from famous Pittsburgh natives and juxtaposed photos of industrial Pittsburgh with Pittsburgh today. Students also kept daily journals.


Student Reflection: 


The collaborations that I have been a part of were usually successful because all the parties were at least civilized towards one another, if not friends. They were willing to work together and take advice from one another in the interest of creating the best work possible.

Colby Samstag, participating student  
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 Close up of the finished tile mural
Silkscreened Tile Mural Project