Collaboration: Schenley High School

clb_sproj_schenley_tile mural_main.jpg
Close up of toner transfer tile mural created by Schenley High School students

Karen Price, Visual Arts
Donna Hetrick, Ceramics 
Nicole Dezelon, Warhol Education Staff  

Students collaborated on a ceramic tile mural that celebrated the history of Schenley High School while lamenting its closing after 91 years of operation. Responding to Andy Warhol’s use of powerful mass media images and sensationalized headlines, students appropriated images and text from local newspapers, television and the internet to use as source material for their mural. Juxtaposing colorized portraits of themselves with black-and-white photos of students from the past, the artwork represented the diverse student body that the school had fostered over the years. Using contemporary printmaking and image techniques on clay, students layered color, images and text to create a rich surface charged with meaning.

Image Gallery
Close up of toner transfer and underpainted student portraits
Schenley High School Collaborative Tile Mural