Collecting: Childrens Art Center in Metallurg, Samara, Russia

Happy New Year, a student photograph from the Children's Art Center


Svetlana R. Pavlova, Information Technologies
Elena V. Lazareva, Information Technologies 


This school program is the result of a year-long education program beginning in 2005 with discussions amongst the Andy Warhol Museum, Alcoa Foundation, Alcoa Russia and local education representatives in both Samara and Belaya Kalitva. An outline of an education program was developed that focused on using the Museums new online curriculum as a resource and working with a small number of local schools and teachers to enable deep engagement, as well as on providing these schools with needed technology resources. Subsequently, Warhol staff traveled to Samara and Belaya Kalitva to conduct teacher workshops demonstrating the online curriculum and various technologies and artistic practices. They also visited the schools involved and held student master classes for select students. Teachers and a group of students from each of the thirteen participating schools worked together to create projects inspired by Warhols art, life and practice. Each school received the gift of a computer, Internet access and other equipment.

Works in the image gallery include a series by Dmitry Pavlov who used his coin collection and various backgrounds including photographs of Russian landmarks, military scenes and his mother’s embroidered cloth to create visual works. The symbolic arrangements of coins reveal and conceal elements from each background creating a dialogue between the layers of materials, history and meaning. Additional images include pages from 'zines showing students’ interests and collections.

Teacher Review:


The educational curriculum of the second year of study in the INORMika IT School includes a review of graphic design software – Adobe Photoshop. Our time frame for learning this software concurred with the timeframe of the Andy Warhol Educational Program developed specially for Russian schools. This program enriched our training objectives. Our students started to apply new software from learning innovative Pop Art techniques developed by Andy Warhol. Students were introduced with the history of The Andy Warhol Museum and got acquainted with art works of this artist during their visits to The Andy Warhol show at the Samara Art Museum.

Svetlana R. Pavlova and Elena V. Lazareva, Information Technologies, Childrens Art Center Metallurg, Samara, Russia 
Image Gallery
Pavlov, The Mother Volga, 2006
Student projects