Collecting: School 3 in Belaya Kalitva, Russia

This student holds a silk screen that she made by hand


Nina M. Kubar, English


This project is the result of a year-long education program beginning in 2005 with discussions amongst the Andy Warhol Museum, Alcoa Foundation, Alcoa Russia and local education representatives in both Samara and Belaya Kalitva. An outline of an education program was developed that focused on using the Museum's online curriculum as a resource and working with a small number of local schools and teachers to enable deep engagement, as well as on providing these schools with needed technology resources. Subsequently, Warhol Museum staff traveled to Samara and Belaya Kalitva to conduct teacher workshops demonstrating the online curriculum and various technologies and artistic practices. They also visited the schools involved and held student master classes for select students. Teachers and a group of students from each of the thirteen participating schools worked together to create projects inspired by Warhol’s art, life and practice. Each school received the gift of a computer, Internet access and other equipment.

In addition to learning computer and digital technology, School 3 found ingenious solutions to technical problems in the process of making screens, as they did not have a darkroom or other necessary supplies used to make traditional screens. The students made individual artworks and 'zines about their own Time Capsules. During the visit by Warhol staff B.K., two of the youngest students created a PowerPoint presentation of their artwork, with an opening page that had Warhol’s head peeking over the hills behind the city. One of the students acted as a DJ, playing music on the computer while presenting the work.  

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