Critical Response: Wesley Spectrum Highland School

Student work exploring repetition in Pop Art


Lynda Abraham-Braff, Art and Resources
Carol Bell, Language Arts 
Kyle Abraham, Warhol Education Staff


Lynda Abraham-Braff, art teacher with the Wesley Spectrum Highland School, worked with Kyle Abraham, artist educator at The Andy Warhol Museum, to explore the Critical Response Unit. During this collaboration, students visited the museum once and were visited by the Warhol education staff for silkscreen printing at their school. Abraham-Braff followed the steps in the lesson plan but made adaptations for the individual needs of her students. 

Wesley Highland focused on the point-counterpoint model of Jackson Pollock’s No. 4 (1949) and Andy Warhol’s Yarn series, comparing silkscreen printing with gestural painting. Abraham-Braff used one-on-one and group discussion to generate Intuitive and Critical Responses to the work. Students created their own works using both painting and silkscreen to understand the hand vs. machine comparison that occurred throughout the art world of the 1950s and ’60s.

Teacher Review: 


[Comment about Taste and Bias activity] This activity spurred a sharing of biases used against them, my students took ownership in the discussion … exhibiting a passion for their own opinions.

Lynda Abraham-Braff, Art and Resources, Wesley Spectrum Highland School  
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Student gesture painting
Student Work: Wesley Spectrum Highland School