Lesson 1: Silkscreen Printing

Andy Warhol: Color and Shape
Andy Warhol, Space Fruit: Still Lifes (Peaches), 1979, ©AWF

Students identify and discuss design elements, color and shape found in Warhol's work. This lesson contains Powerpoint presentations and online interactives to illustrate formal concepts.

Suggested Time Frame:

2-3 class periods 


  • Students identify, describe, and discuss key aspects of Andy Warhol’s life and art
  • Students identify and discuss the design elements, color and shape
  • Students discuss the difference between the virtual and mechanical silkscreen printing process


Digital projector
Handout: Color Terminology
Andy Warhol, Flowers, 1970, ©AWF
Andy Warhol, Flowers, 1970, ©AWF
  1. Introduce the project, examples and unit objectives.
  2. Review color theory with students, asking what they know about color and shape. For example, students can write color terminology and definitions on the board, and then discuss the difference between objective and subjective color. Distribute the Handout: Color Terminology for your students to use as a continuing reference tool.
  3. Present virtual printing project here. Choose the flower example and walk through the project with your students. The difference between the virtual print process and what the students will be creating is that the underpainted layer of the flower is painted (virtually of course) in the virtual print process, while in this unit students will stencil print the first layers of their print, then print the photographic layer last.
  4. Present and discuss: Andy Warhol: Biography and/or Pop Art PowerPoint.
  5. Present and discuss: Andy Warhol: Color and Shape PowerPoint.
  6. Self-assess after each day of presentations: on a small piece of paper, students should answer the following questions:
  7. - What did you learn today that was new and interesting?

    - What did you hope to learn but did not?


Warhol Education Rubrics

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Creative Process
Media and Related Items
Andy Warhol: Color and Shape
Andy Warhol: Color and Shape
Andy Warhol Biography
Andy Warhol Biography
Andy Warhol Pop Art
Andy Warhol Pop Art