Lesson 2: Silkscreen Printing

Source Image Gathering and Image Manipulation 
Student photograph to be made into photographic silkscreen

Students take digital photographs and manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop.

Suggested Time Frame:

2-3 class periods 


  • Students will take photographs using digital cameras
  • Students will download digital images into Adobe Photoshop and adjust the contrast
  • Students will bitmap and print their high contrasted digital images onto transparencies


Digital cameras Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Handout  
Computers and Adobe PhotoshopTransparency paper for Film Positives (select transparency paper suited for your type of printer)
  1. Review previous lesson. Present the Image Gallery for this lesson as a review. Discuss Warhol’s use of cropping, color and shape.
  2. Students take photographs using digital cameras, either inside or outside the school building. Possible Warhol-related subject matter: still-life arrangements of popular objects, abstract patterns found in nature, portraits or architectural elements.
  3. Download the images and open them in Adobe Photoshop. Distribute tutorial handouts.   
  4. Students complete the tutorials and save their work.

Warhol Education Rubrics

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Critical Thinking
Creative Process