Silkscreen Printing: CAPA High School

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Finished CAPA silkscreen print


Tresa Varner, Printmaking


Tresa Varner presented the Warhol Color and Shape PowerPoint to introduce color theory and stimulate discussion with her 11th grade students at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA). Students used digital cameras to take photos of interesting structures which would form the basis of their screen prints.

Students were then shown how to make a collage in three colors which would fit below the final printed layer of their image.  Once the collage shapes were determined, Tresa showed students how to carefully cut stencils to mirror those shapes.  These shapes formed the basis for the initial screen prints, each one being printed from lightest to darkest.

Students eventually made their prints using four screens, working from the background color, through the sequence of shapes, finally printing the photographic image using black ink.

Image Gallery
Finished print by CAPA student
Finished Prints by CAPA students