Silkscreen Printing: Pittsburgh Gifted Center

Example of finished silkscreened wallpaper for the History department


Cynthia Blackwell, Visual Arts
Nicole Dezelon, Ashley Brickman & Bryan Lauch, Warhol Education Staff


To enhance their school environment, middle school students (grades 6-8) from the Pittsburgh Gifted Center created unique silkscreened wallpaper in the style of Andy Warhol’s Cow Wallpaper. Students compiled images that represented the different academic departments of the school, and silkscreens were made of the final images. Students then visited The Andy Warhol Museum to analyze and discuss the power of repeated imagery in popular culture. Comparing and contrasting Warhol’s brightly colored, pink and yellow Cow Wallpaper to his more subdued silver and black Fish wallpaper, students decided on their color scheme. Using Warhol’s technique of photographic silkscreening, they prepared, traced and under painted the images onto canvas.  Upon returning to their school students collaboratively silkscreened images onto their painted canvases creating wallpaper. Groups of students then worked together to hang the canvases in the common areas of the school.  Students held an end of the year party at their school to unveil their wallpaper.


Image Gallery
Students prepare and trace images onto the canvas
Silkscreened wallpaper process