Silkscreen Printing: Schenley High School

Finished silkscreen print by Schenley H.S. student Natalia Zdaniuk


Karen Price, Art
Tresa Varner, Warhol Education Staff


Schenley High School students participated in a photographic silkscreen unit on color theory and shape using Warhol’s print series: Sunset, Space Fruit, Camouflage, Skulls, Flowers, and Grapes for inspiration. Students were introduced to the unit with the Andy Warhol: Color and Shape PowerPoint. For their projects, students were given digital cameras and directed to take photographs that would form the basis of their screen prints.  Students had the option of either setting up a still-life or of taking images of interesting structures within the school building. The photo image was then manipulated in Adobe Photoshop to make a high contrast film positive. Students combined these photographic images with stenciled areas of color in their final prints.

After experimenting with various color combinations students were ready to begin their prints. To make the silkscreen stencils students made a collage in three colors to create a visually interesting and geometrically harmonizing background below the photographic printed layer of their image. Once the collage shapes were determined, students were shown how to carefully cut stencils to mirror those shapes. These shapes formed the basis for the initial screen prints, each one being printed from lightest to darkest. Students eventually made their prints using four screens, working from the background color, through the sequence of shapes, finally printing the photographic image.


Image Gallery
Film positive of student work showing organic shapes from plant still life.
3 Color Prints by Schenley Students