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all lessons list item- aesthetics unit

Aesthetics Lesson 1: Introduction

Aesthetics Lesson 2: Personal Aesthetic

Aesthetics Lesson 3: Aesthetics and Beauty

Aesthetics Lesson 4: Theories

Aesthetics Lesson 5: Great Dialogues

all lessons list item- collaboration unit

Collaboration Lesson 1: Introduction

Collaboration Lesson 2: Clay Olympics & Game Design

Collaboration Lesson 3: Artist Examples

Collaboration Lesson 4: Murals

all lessons list item- collecting unit

Collecting Lesson 1: Introduction

Collecting Lesson 2: Artistic Practice

Collecting Lesson 3: Contemporary Artist Examples

Collecting Lesson 4: Project Ideas

Collecting Lessons: Elementary Adaptations

all lessons list item- critical response unit

Critical Response Lesson 1: What is a Critic?

Critical Response Lesson 2: Identifying Tastes and Biases

Critical Response Lesson 3: Intuitive Response

Critical Response Lesson 4: Research

Critical Response Lesson 5: Writing a Criticism

Critical Response: Elementary Adaptation

all lessons list item- history and memory unit

History & Memory Lesson 1: Collective Memory

History & Memory: Elementary Adaptation

History and Memory Lesson 2: What Do You Know About JFK?

History and Memory Lesson 3: Sources

History and Memory Lesson 4: Historians Interpret Sources

History and Memory Lesson 5: The Artist Interprets Sources

History and Memory Lesson 6: Research

History and Memory Lesson 7: Interpretation

all lessons list item- Silkscreen Printing Unit

Lesson 1: Silkscreen Printing

Lesson 2: Silkscreen Printing

Lesson 3: Silkscreen Printing

Lesson 4: Silkscreen Printing

Lesson 5: Silkscreen Printing

Lesson 6: Silkscreen Printing

all lessons list item- Art and Activities

Blotted Line

Brillo: But is it Art?

Camouflage Sound Activity

Campbell’s Soup: Ode to Food

Collecting Youth Culture

Commissioned Portraits

Death and Disasters: Newspaper Activity

Diversity of Voice: Views on Guns in America

Everyday Objects and Transformation

Hammer and Sickle: Interpreting Symbols and Meaning

Icon Portraits

Jackie: Flashbulb Memory Activity

Oxidations and Abstraction

Rubber Stamping Activity

Screen Test Activity

Space Fruit and the Color Wheel

Still Life and Observation Drawing

The Pocket Project

Time Capsule 21 Activity

Andy Warhol: Raid the Icebox

Andy Warhol: Time Capsules

all lessons list item- Compare and Contrast Artists

Barbara Kruger

BeatrixJAR, music performance duo


Billy Kluver and Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds

Donald Judd

Glenn Kaino

Grant Wood

Jackson Pollock

Jasper Johns

Jean Michel Basquiat

Joseph Cornell

Karsten Bott

Kota Ezawa

Mark Dion

Martin Johnson Heade

Paul Wandless

Portia Munson

Rembrandt van Rijn

Robert Rauschenberg

Romare Bearden

Stefan Hoderlein

Whitfield Lovell

Willem de Kooning

Yinka Shonibare

all lessons list item- other professionals and features

Aesthetics: Arthur Danto

Collaboration: Business

Collaboration: History

Collaboration: Science

Collaboration: Sports

Collecting: LeAlan Jones

Collecting: Rem Koolhaas

Critical Response: Stephen Jay Gould

Critical Response: Susan Sontag

Museums and Cultural Change

all lessons list item- featured school projects

Aesthetics: Elizabeth Forward High School

Aesthetics: Highlands High School

Aesthetics: Ross Elementary

Collaboration: Bellefonte Middle School

Collaboration: Dillworth Middle School

Collaboration: Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild & Artists Image Resource

Collaboration: Schenley High School

Collecting Youth Culture: Singapore

Collecting: Steel Valley High School

Collecting: Pleasant Hills Middle School

Collecting School Project: Arsenal Middle School

Collecting: Pittsburgh H.S. for the Creative and Performing Arts

Collecting: Childrens Art Center in Metallurg, Samara, Russia

Collecting: Schenley High School

Collecting: School 133 in Samara, Russia

Collecting: School 150 in Samara, Russia

Collecting: School 2 in Belaya Kalitva, Russia

Collecting: School 3 in Belaya Kalitva, Russia

Collecting: School 6 in Belaya Kalitva, Russia

Critical Response: South Vo-Tech H.S.

Critical Response: Wesley Spectrum Highland School

Silkscreen Printing: CAPA High School

Silkscreen Printing: Pittsburgh Gifted Center

Silkscreen Printing: Schenley High School