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Teachers working on a collaborative mural during a teacher workshop at the museum.

Earn Act 48 Credit through our Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops focus on ways to use contemporary art in your classroom while meeting state and national learning standards. Workshops topics include: color theory, aesthetics, collaboration, creativity and silkscreen printmaking and more. We are confident these hands-on workshops will help you return to your classroom energized and inspired! 

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Previous Workshop Examples

Corita_Kent_0011_websiteCorita Kent,E eye love, 1968, courtesy of Corita Art Center, Los Angeles

Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent

Teachers will explore Sister Corita’s rich and varied career as a designer, teacher, feminist, and activist for civil rights and anti-war causes. Through hands-on silkscreening projects and the creation of a “sense diary” teachers will discuss how her images, like Warhol’s, remain iconic symbols today. 


Warhol's Legacy in Contemporary Art

In this class you will explore the question that has intrigued artists, curators, collectors and other contemporary figures during the last 40 years: Why Warhol?

20150205_Ed_tc21_mainAndy Warhol, Time Capsule 21. ©AWF

Time Capsules: Warhol’s Artistic Practice of Collecting

From the early ’70s until his death in 1987, Warhol created 612 finished Time Capsules. The Time Capsules are Warhol’s largest collecting project, in which he saved source material for his work and an enormous record of his own daily life. Participants will test out previous lesson plans on collecting developed by the education department and watch as one of Warhol’s actual Time Capsules is opened during a special theater presentation.

20150205_Ed_DIYPop_mainUser generated silkscreen print using The Warhol's D.I.Y. Pop App

Apps 'N@

Create your own digital silkscreen print on an iPod Touch using our D.I.Y. POP silkscreening app. This workshop will explore how social media and new interactive technologies can enhance the learning environment both in and out of the classroom.

20150205_Ed_collaboration_mainAndy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Collaboration, 1984-1985. © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Collaborative Mural Making

This workshop is based on Warhol’s process of collaboration. We will explore Warhol’s interactions with artists, scientists, filmmakers and socialites, all of whom he relied on as a means to generate ideas for new works of art. Participants will create a collaborative mural using elements of Pop Art and graffiti art.

20150205_Ed_blottedline_mainStudio project using ink, collage and gold leaf.

Andy Warhol’s Methods and Techniques: 10 projects from the past 10 years

Join us when we raid our ‘vault’ and resurrect 10 of our most popular studio, gallery and silkscreen activities from the past 10 years! Spend a few hours in the studio making Warhol and Marilyn Monroe paper dolls, gold leaf pop sculptures, blotted line, hand-made flipbooks and zines, and much, much more!

20150205_Ed_silver_gold_mainAndy Warhol, Winged Fairy, ca. 1956. ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

The Colors of Warhol: Silver and Gold

From gold Marilyns and Jackies to Elvis on the silver screen, explore Warhol’s use of silver and gold throughout his career. Warhol loved silver, which became his signature color in the 1960s - from silk screen printing on silver canvases to painting every surface in his studio, The Factory, metallic silver including the commode. Warhol used gold leaf to embellish his much loved holiday cards and illustrations from the 1950s. Using Warhol’s colors, you too will silkscreen your own prints, holiday cards and wrapping paper in the studio.