studio programs

Children with flower silkscreen prints they made in the Warhol studio.

Studio Programs

Studio Programs explore Andy Warhol’s art, life and artistic practice. An Artist’s practice involves not only the techniques or media an artist uses to create art, but also, fundamentally, the artist’s conceptual approach to making art. Warhol used his work and artistic practice as a framework to experience, to record, to order, and to reflect the world around him. Programs take place in the Education Studio located on the underground level of the Museum.

Museum visitor poses for a projected light Polaroid in the Weekend Factory

The Factory

Modeled after Andy Warhol's New York studio the Silver Factory, the Factory is an open studio where museum visitors can create art while exploring Andy Warhol's art-making techniques.

The studio is free of charge with museum admission. 
The Factory is open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm.

To learn more about our Factory click here.  


 Birthday girl Quinn holds up her silkscreened self-portrait made during her Pop Party

Pop Parties

Turn your birthday, corporate party, baby shower, bat mitzvah, or any celebration into a POP Party. The Andy Warhol Museum staff will help you create a party that your guests will never forget!

Click here for more information on our Pop Parties.

Weekend Factory volunteers in costume during the Henry Darger exhibition

Factory Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program offers opportunities for people to participate in the Weekend Factory Program as volunteer staff. Volunteers work alongside Artists/Educators in teaching, assisting and experimenting in programs offered in the Weekend Factory.

Click here to learn more about our Weekend Factory volunteer opportunities.

Screenshot of The Warhol's online silkscreening webpage

Online Weekend Factory

Create your own virtual silkscreen print and watch live silkscreening in the education studio.