teacher programs

Associate Education Curator, Nicole Dezelon gives a presentation on Andy Warhol and collaboration during a Teacher Open House.

Teacher programs at the Warhol are designed to strengthen interdisciplinary connections between art and artists and diverse subjects. From hands-on studio workshops to theoretical discussions and on-line curriculum development, the resources available to teachers at the Warhol address the needs of schools striving to increase cross-curricular lesson planning, new technology and best practices. For more information or to schedule a teacher program contact Nicole Dezelon at dezelonn@warhol.org.  


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Area teachers enjoy dinner and drinks as they socialize at the Fall Teacher Open House 2007. 

Annual Teacher Open House

The Fall Teacher Open House is an annual event featuring: special previews of exhibitions, lectures, gallery talks, art making and discussion activities, and classroom resources. Teachers in attendance may receive Act 48 credit hours and information about school partnership opportunities.  


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Teachers participate in a philosophical dialogue about beauty and creativity in front of Andy Warhol’s Flower paintings during the aesthetics workshop. 

Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops focus on ways to use contemporary art in your classroom while meeting state and national learning standards. Workshops topics include: color theory, aesthetics, collaboration, creativity and silkscreen printmaking and more. Workshops are offered throughout the year at the Museum.

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Teachers work together on a mural using projections during an in-service workshop exploring collaboration. 

Teacher In-Services

In-services are available for K-12 teachers of all disciplines. In-services take place either at the Museum or at your school. Full or half-day in-services are available. In-services feature: hands-on activities and ready-to-use lesson plans, creative and new ways to strengthen art curriculum, cross-curriculum connections and resource materials.  For more information or to organize your own Teacher In-Service contact dezelonn@warhol.org or call 412.237.8365

Art teacher Michael Fratangelo and social studies teacher Charles Stout, meet with former artist educator, Carrie Schneider to plan curriculum adaptations for the collecting unit curriculum at Pleasant Hills Middle School. 

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are small groups of dedicated teachers who apply to work with the Warhol to create and to field test education materials and lesson plans featured on our online curriculum, the warhol: Resources & Lessons, Teaching Across the Arts and Humanities. Information about the 2011-2012 Learning Labs will be given out during this year's Teacher Open House.