The Weekend Factory at The Andy Warhol Museum The Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University The Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University

The Andy Warhol Museum's Weekend Factory is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm - 4pm and features educational activities related to Heroes & Villains: The Comic Book Art of Alex Ross.

The Secret Identity of Paper Dolls:
silkscreen and assemble your own paper dolls using current celebrity likenesses as a starting point. Then enhance that celebrity’s identity by creating him/her a super alter ego complete with costume, insignia, and customized flair. You’ll walk away with an original 3D figure of your design ready to save the world… Or possibly destroy it. Your call.

Superhero Showdown:
The Superhero Kinect team at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University worked with Microsoft Game Studio and Good Science Labs to build a gadget prototype for Kinect Funlabs. In our gadget, Superhero Showdown, you get the chance to star in your own comic book adventure. As you play through this motion controlled royal rumble, you will find yourself in control of an array of super powers that you can use to battle a friend. Not only do you see the sounds of your fight fly across the screen with classic comic book style onomatopoeias, you also get to rain down destruction on your opponent using laser beams. When the dust settles, you can take home proof of your battle in the form of a custom generated comic based on your super powered escapades.

Silkscreen POP!
Captions: Pow! Kazaam! Kabloom! Biff! Basquiat! Ever read an email filled with WAY too many exclamation points and wonder why is this person yelling at me via email?! (!!!) Well there is a time and place for everything and all of those exclamatory sound balloons will have a home at the screen printing station in the Weekend Factory this October. Print our version of these iconic indicators on paper, tees, totes, or even your little sister. Your super friends will appreciate your enthusiasm!

Comic Book Artist In Resident, Kristoffer “Stauffie” Smith:
Meet local comic book artist Kristoffer Smith, and watch him render live. Kristoffer will be creating a brand new interactive Warholian themed comic built for mobile devices. Aside from having an uncanny talent he’s also astonishingly cool. We’re not sure if he’s bionic, a mutant, an alien, involved with wizardry, or what the deal is with him. We’re just glad he’s on our side… Through October. See Kristoffer’s work at

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This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of DC Entertainment, with additional support from Smith Micro, BRGR, Point Park University, and Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Media sponsor: Pittsburgh's CW