TV Guide Magazine's 60th Anniversary: The Famous Painters Behind the Covers


"I would imagine that Warhol had a subscription to TV Guide," says Matt Wrbican, the chief archivist at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. "We found several old copies in his archives." The Pop Art icon designed one cover for us (March 1966), featuring Get Smart star Barbara Feldon. (He also designed the fashion spread inside.) "The color detail of the eye shadow and lips seems to be so mechanically made," Wrbican notes. "He was obviously going for something very colorful to grab attention on magazine racks." The artist, who was then at the height of his early fame, loved fashion, celebrities, sitcoms, talk shows and variety shows. "This commission would combine his ­absolute favorite things," says Wrbican. "He was a pretty voracious consumer of pop culture, and TV Guide certainly was a big part of pop culture."

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