Nick Bubash's vignettes put familiar symbols and icons to intriguingly ambivalent ends


Considering that acclaimed inker Nick Bubash is the proprietor of Route 60 Tattoo, in McKees Rocks, the exhibit title The Patron Saint of White Guys That Went Tribal and Other Works presumably refers to his enmeshment in tribalism. That's where tattooing is favored as a sign of belonging in subcultures small (e.g., prison, or biker or street gangs) and large (those sharing a general alternative attitude, or pretending to). Bubash isn't new to the art scene — there's usually something by him hanging around at Artists Image Resource, for example, and he has exhibited his art for more than 20 years. In his first solo museum show, at The Andy Warhol Museum, he displays a not-surprising penchant for signs, symbols and icons, while often simultaneously acknowledging and subverting their intended meanings.

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