the factory

Patrons of all ages creating art in The Factory at The Andy Warhol Museum.

Come to The Factory and try out some signature Warhol art making techniques like blotted line drawing, acetate collage, and silkscreen printing. All ages are welcome.


Art Making Activities in The Factory

The Factory is run by Artist Educators from various backgrounds in fine arts, art education, and art history. These artists and educators have unique perspectives on Warhol and an extensive understanding of his art and life. Feel free to ask them questions about the museum!


Blotted Line technique creation from The Factory.Blotted Line technique creation from The Factory.

Blotted Line Drawing

The blotted line technique is a simple print making process. The process resulted in the dotted, broken and delicate lines that were characteristic of Warhol’s illustrations.

Layering project example from The Factory. Layering project example from The Factory.

Product Design

This layering technique is fun for all ages! Experiment with colorful paper, stencils, and a product template to create your ultimate product.

Young patrons showing their silkscreen printing creations from The Factory.Young patrons showing their silkscreen printing creations from The Factory.

Silkscreen Printing

Choose from a selection of images and colorful ink and learn how to silkscreen print on paper, t-shirts, or tote bags.