Why should I support The Andy Warhol Museum?

The Andy Warhol Museum needs your help to provide educational and outreach programming, specialized exhibitions, and a forum for underrepresented voices.

How can I support the museum?

You can support the museum by becoming a member, attending our events, volunteering, and offering financial support through tax-deductible donations to the museum.

Where does my money go?

The Andy Warhol Museum is a non-profit organization tasked with raising approximately two million dollars annually; your donations go to support everything from operations, programming, exhibitions, to our educational programs.

Why support The Andy Warhol Museum when there are so many other needs?

Good question. We believe that arts education and exposure to the arts inspires, challenges, and creates new perspectives. Using Andy Warhol’s life and art as a mirror for contemporary issues, we hope to encourage critical thinking, unearth hidden connections, and challenge your understanding of the world and ourselves. The importance of looking, thinking, and learning helps establish a basis for solving larger twenty-first century issues.