credit The Warhol's new entrance space. Photo by Abby Warhola.

At The Warhol you’ll find seven floors of drawings, prints, paintings, sculpture, film and video, as well as an extensive archive of ephemera, source materials, and other documents of Warhol’s life. The Warhol also features work by other artists, a performance art series, special exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, concerts, and more.

credit An installation of Warhol's Silver Clouds on the musem's 5th floor.

This photograph of the grand opening event was taken in the Andy Warhol Museum lobby space. It is crowded with people, who are talking in pairs and small groups in the foreground with beverages in hand. On the left side of the image, a woman in a white sundress with an orange floral print is laughing, holding her left hand to her mouth.

credit Young guests creating art in The Factory.

Weekly Good Fridays from 5 – 10pm offers a more social museum experience, with a cash bar and half-price admission. Our Factory offers a lively, hands-on studio experience for visitors of all ages. Daily Gallery Talks invite visitors to experience a range of topics including Warhol’s art practices and more.

credit The Warhol: Store

credit Create your own Screen Test on our 6th floor.

credit A gallery of Warhol's commissioned portraits on the museum's fourth floor.

The Warhol theater continuously screens Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal, a short documentary about Warhol’s life and art. The Warhol Café, located on the first floor, serves soups, salads, sandwiches, gourmet treats, and specialty coffee drinks. The Warhol Store offers books, posters, videos, postcards, gifts, and other materials. Don’t forget to immortalize yourself in our photobooth, or create your own Warhol-like screen test.