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Director’s Letter

I am proud that The Andy Warhol Museum (one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh) has long been involved in the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, my pride is tempered by the humility of knowing that The Warhol, like all organizations, must strive to do more. This is work that we welcome. Much as Andy Warhol’s art mirrored his times and was unafraid to critique American culture, The Warhol is committed to engaging with the most important issues of the day.

Tangible efforts are even more important now as Black Lives Matter has highlighted the continuing impact of racism and oppression on communities of color. I believe that actions speak louder than words. The Warhol will continue to diversify its staff and board, create inclusive opportunities for diverse young people, and support programming that provides a platform for discussion of these important issues, but we must also expand these efforts in all areas of the museum. This is our responsibility and opportunity to listen and learn from our community. Our actions thus far represent only a start.

Patrick Moore
The Andy Warhol Museum