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Past Event Book Signing + Reception for Lance Out Loud with author Pat Loud and editor Christopher Makos


Photo credit: Chris Makos

The Warhol welcomes author Pat Loud (Lance Loud’s mother) and editor Christopher Makos for a special evening to celebrate the release of their new book about Lance Loud, one of America’s first gay icons and reality TV stars. Lance became the most recognized member of the Loud family from the groundbreaking PBS documentary program, An American Family, launched in 1973, when he revealed on national television that he was gay. The evening will begin with a rare screening of one of the series episodes where Lance moves to New York City and meets Andy Warhol. A brief talk about the book, TV series, and Lance’s relationship with Warhol will follow. The evening will conclude with a book signing.

Additional Information

This event will be held in the museum's lobby and theater.

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