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Past Event CAPA Antithesis

2016-12-04 CAPA Antithesis

This concert showcases the results of an interdisciplinary collaboration called the Playing Pictures Project. CAPA Antithesis worked with five Visual Arts students at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 to create colorful graphic scores. These scores are then read, interpreted and transformed into musical compositions by small sub-groups drawn from the larger ensemble. Each work will be projected for the audience to see during performance.

CAPA Antithesis is the groundbreaking contemporary music ensemble of Pittsburgh CAPA 6– 12. The goal of the ensemble is to perform music of our time and encourage the composition and performance of student works that mine the rich history of modern music: classical, jazz, and the avant-garde. Formed in 2005 by saxophonist Ben Opie, the group performed in the 2008 Braxton plays Pittsburgh Festival honoring composer and improviser Anthony Braxton. It has opened for several national artists at galleries and performance spaces throughout the city, and in 2012 it performed at the Hear/Now Festival of New Sound at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. Composer and oboist Lenny Young became the fourth music director of CAPA Antithesis in 2012.