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Past Event Pop Cabaret presents Nightmare: A Halloween Variety Show

Set against an abstract black and gray background that looks like bare tree limbs or shattered glass, the words Pop Cabaret Presents: Nightmare is written in a dripping blood-red font.

The Warhol and Pop Cabaret present Nightmare, an evening of performance, music, dance, rituals, stories, and more. Experience fear and delight as we conjure magic and mayhem to greet the horrors and pleasures of contemporary existence.

Performers include: Lanre Adetola, Domitille Angoulvant, Clair Chin, Maggie Davis, Brittany De Nigris, Darius Fletcher, Maya Kaisth, Keith Kelly, Kasem Kydd, Summer Leavitt, Kira Melville, Stephen Michaels, Adam Milner, Joy Poulard, Michael Quinn, Anna Rosati, Will Taylor, Lee Webster, Chengcheng Zhao, and a special guest from New York City, Jaimie Warren.

Pop Cabaret is a performance art collaboration between The Warhol and Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art, and it is taught by Suzie Silver. Using The Warhol theater as a playground and performance space, students create short solo and group performances. Some themes and strategies include Camp, Lo-Fi Glamour, Neo-Burlesque, Expanded Cinema of the Mind, Alien Vaudeville, Spectacles of Failure, Stand-Up Tragedy, New-Age Jesters, Cosmic Troubadours, Psychedelic Bards, Beautiful Noise, Imploding Vinyl Escapable, and Exotic Masquerade.

Please note this performance contains adult subject matter and strong language.


Andy Warhol’s Tomato

Friday, September 13, 2024