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Recurring Event School of Drag 2020 Panel

A drag performer is dramatically lit on a dark stage. They have a sparkly gold jumpsuit, multicolored hair, and a in their outstretched arms they are holding a flowing, sheer cape behind them. The lighting creates a rainbow effect when it catches the cape, and they are gazing off to the right, absorbed in their performance. Heads of audience members are silhouetted at the bottom of the frame.

Photo by Sean Carroll

Join us for a dynamic multimedia exploration of the impact and importance of our School of Drag program and other LGBTQ+-affirming spaces for youth performers. Presented in conjunction with our Femme Touch exhibition, this panel event brings together educators and students to illustrate the ways that gender-based performance can help teens forge connections from their own homes. Instructors Akasha L. Van Cartier and Morrigana Regina, veteran teen performer E! The Dragnificent, and others, will discuss the history, practice, and culture of drag as a positive space for self-expression with video examples.

Please note: This will be a live online program. Register to receive a web link and login instructions.


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