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Recurring Event Symposium on the Cinema of George A. Romero

A black and white film still of male and female zombies in a field walking toward the camera.

Night of the Living Dead, dir. George A. Romero, 1968, Courtesy of George A. Romero Foundation

In conjunction with the Romero Lives: Pittsburgh Celebrates George A. Romero city-wide tribute, The University of Pittsburgh hosts a symposium, featuring conversations about the work of Romero and his immense impact on horror, cinema, and popular culture. Speakers will examine Romero’s achievements in a series of panel discussions featuring distinguished filmmakers and scholars.

Panelists include the Guggenheim award-winning film and video artist Peggy Ahwesh, screenwriter and director Adam Simon (The American Nightmare, Salem), and scholars Tom Gunning (University of Chicago, recipient of the Distinguished Career Achievement Award from the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and author of such books as The Films of Fritz Lang: Allegories of Modernity), Joan Hawkins (Indiana University, author of Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant Garde), and Isabel Cristina Pinedo (Hunter College, author of Recreational Terror: Women and the Pleasures of Horror Film Viewing).

The symposium will also include a screening of the documentary The American Nightmare, an exploration of the radical horror cinema of the 1970s, directed by Adam Simon.

Co-presented with the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center and Carnegie Museum of Art.

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