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Past Event Unseen Treasures from George Eastman House 2014: The Unknown 


A year before director Tod Browning made Freaks, the classic which shocked the world and accelerated the establishment of Hollywood’s production code, he shot this carnival world tragedy. Lon Chaney plays a burglar on the lam who hides out in the circus as Alonzo the Armless, a performer who throws knives with his feet. Alonzo falls hard for his co-performer Estrelita, a woman who has had her fill of men and their groping hands and is unaware of Alonzo’s secret. Matters become complicated when the circus strongman Malabar also becomes smitten with Estrelita.

A live score for the film will be composed and performed by Michael Johnsen (electronics) in collaboration with Jessica Marcrum (voice).

Print courtesy of George Eastman House.


Fifteen Minutes Eternal