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Time CapsulesExploring TC206: Clue Party

It’s often helpful to remember to see the Time Capsules as what they are–artwork. Unlike many of Warhol’s works, which he created en masse, making them feel impersonal, what makes the Time Capsules artwork so unique is that it is both entirely personal and can never be replicated. While part of that has to do with the man who created it, those he befriended, and his desire to collect just about anything,  it also has to do with the intimate connection and creative possibilities paper mail can have.  Mixed in with business correspondence and letters from friends and family, Warhol received countless pieces of mail from strangers, which he kept. This often leads to confusing and sometimes bizarre items in the Time Capsules. Warhol’s fans sent him their heart-wrenching personal stories and original artwork, as well as pieces of their hair and naked pictures. The Time Capsules were created by Warhol, but these objects, like this cryptic message sent by Professor Plum, are what the Time Capsules are comprised of, making every fan part of Warhol’s largest work.