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Making ItGold Leafing

Hands shown demonstrating how to use gold leafing material.

Andy Warhol often used gold leaf and other gilding materials to apply shiny, metallic surfaces and embellishments to his works of the 1950s. This video explores Warhol’s exposure to the use of gilded artwork in his childhood, details the ways in which he used gold leaf throughout his commercial career and beyond, and teaches you how to make your own shimmery masterpieces using both professional gold leaf and widely accessible home substitutions.


About the Making It Series

The Warhol’s Making It videos are designed to spark creativity and engagement at home. Artist educators demonstrate short, accessible hands-on activities inspired by Warhol’s life, art, and legacy. Designed for makers of all ages and skill levels, these award-winning activities use simple materials commonly available around the house and encourage playful experimentation. To watch more Making It videos, visit the archives.

About the Learning and Public Engagement Team

The Warhol’s Learning and Public Engagement team strives to engage audiences from different walks of life with relevant, accessible opportunities for learning, creative expression, skill-building, and connection. Whether at the museum, in the community, or online, our goal is to leave our audiences feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with the skills they need to thrive in a changing world. To learn more, visit