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Our COVID-19 safety measures, including mask-wearing, remain in place. Please reserve your timed tickets and learn more about Carnegie Museums’ Safety Protocols.


Please note: Guided group visits at The Warhol are temporarily suspended to allow for social distancing in the galleries. Virtual field trips and distance learning experiences are now available.

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Guided Tours

Guided group tours last approximately one hour and explore the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions through interactive discussions and activities. Artist educators work closely with teachers and group leaders prior to their museum visit to craft an engaging gallery experience examining Warhol’s art, life, and legacy and relevant social and cultural issues. Tours can be adapted to meet the specific learning needs and goals of each group.

Guided tour fees

Group admission plus $50 artist educator fee per twenty people. One chaperone per ten students is free.

Guided tour themes

  • Andy Warhol’s Life and Times: This basic tour introduces Warhol’s biography and explores highlights of the museum’s permanent collection, including works of art, film, and archival objects.
  • Warhol’s Artistic Practice: Collecting, Collaborating, Reproducing, Documenting, and Experimenting: Dive deep into Warhol’s unique approach to artmaking, exploring the artist’s work in an array of media and styles across his career.
  • Dandy Andy: Warhol’s Queer History: This tour traces Warhol’s queer identity and romantic relationships against the backdrop of the historical gay rights movement in the United States.

Warhol Workshops

Warhol Workshops last approximately three hours (including a thirty-minute lunch break) and feature a guided museum tour and a hands-on studio activity exploring Warhol’s life and work and its relevance today. Studio projects give participants the opportunity to experiment with a range of artistic processes and techniques, including photographic silkscreen printing, collage, painting, digital photography, digital video, and digital audio recording. Workshops are only offered Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Warhol Workshop fees

$400 (includes admission and materials) for up to thirty people.

Warhol Workshop descriptions

  • Pop Portraits: Examine the many ways in which Warhol created portraits throughout his career, from painting and polaroids to silkscreening and selfies. Students will create a silkscreen print of a contemporary Pop culture icon or a video portrait in the style of Warhol’s Screen Tests.
  • Exploring Warhol’s Print Process: This advanced printmaking workshop introduces students to Warhol’s multilayered screen prints as well as his stamped and stenciled early commercial work, exploring a range of processes and the visual impact of repetition and pattern. Studio projects include silkscreen printing and rubber-stamping.
  • Immigration, Imagination, and the American Dream: Andy Warhol’s parents immigrated to the United States shortly before he was born and struggled to make ends meet as working class Pittsburghers. Learn how Warhol’s immigrant roots and humble beginnings influenced his career and the iconic artworks he went on to create. Using collage and printmaking, students will make projects exploring American symbolism, identity, and cultural heritage.
  • Film & Video: Students will explore the formal and expressive qualities of Warhol’s film and video then create their own screen tests in the style of Warhol using contemporary technology and applications.

Distance Learning

Virtual Field Trips
Experience The Warhol from your home or classroom! Through live videoconferencing, participants can discuss works of art in our galleries, watch presentations, and participate in hands-on art making activities while sharing in two-way conversations with museum educators. Explore our Virtual Field Trip Themes.

Group Visit Logistics

Payment for group visits is due in full upon arrival. Free bus parking is available nearby at Carnegie Science Center. Please indicate if you require bus parking on your group visit request form. The Warhol Café is available for lunch, refreshments, and light fare. The museum offers limited seating for groups that bring their own lunch to the museum. Catering for groups can also be arranged through The Warhol’s special events department. For more information on group visits, contact

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