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Our Staff

Advancement and Community Engagement

  • Starr Hackwelder, Director of Advancement
  • Rachel Hite, Advancement Officer
  • Dan Law, Associate Director
  • Jessica Tkach, Assistant Director of Advancement

Collections and Registration

  • Rikke Foulke, Associate Conservator of Paintings
  • Katelyn Gould, Associate Registrar
  • Matt Gray, Director of Archives
  • John Jacobs, Associate Registrar for Collections
  • Amber Morgan, Director of Collections and Registration
  • Ann Ordiway, Assistant Registrar
  • Emily Rago, Project Cataloguer


  • Aaron Levi Garvey, Chief Curator
  • Benjamin Harrison, Senior Director of Performing Arts and Programming
  • Gregory Pierce, Director of Film and Video

Director’s Office

  • Rachel Baron-Horn, Deputy Director
  • Patrick Moore, Director
  • Lena Coleman, Administrative and Financial Coordinator


  • Erin Beveridge, Art Preparator
  • Ethan Gladding, Art Preparator
  • Marissa Murin, Departmental Assistant
  • Anthony Valvano, Art Preparator
  • Michael Vincent, Art Preparator

External Affairs

  • Rick Armstrong, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Charlene Bidula, Communications Manager
  • Bryan Conley, Digital Collections Assistant
  • Matthew Newton, Director of Publishing
  • Pat Seymour, Manager of Rights & Reproductions and Photographic Services

Learning and Public Engagement

  • Nicole Dezelon, Director of Learning and Public Engagement
  • Heather White, Associate Director of Learning
  • Shannon Thompson, Learning and Development Manager
  • Segolene Pihut, Department Coordinator
  • Emily Armstrong, Youth Programs Coordinator
  • Mona Wiley, Inclusion Programs Coordinator
  • Warren Mayer, Artist and Community Programs Coordinator


  • Vanessa Robertson, Special Events Sales Manager
  • Brigitte M. Szivos, Special Events Manager

Visitor Services

  • Scottie Flora, Visitor Services Supervisor
  • Aiyana Kachmarek, Visitor Services Supervisor
  • Amy Kuntz, Associate Director of Visitor Services
  • Amber Quick, Director of Visitor Services

An interviewer asked me a lot of questions about how I ran my office and I tried to explain to him that I don’t really run it, it runs me.

Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again), 1975