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Laura Jean McLaughlin

Artist stands in front of tile mural installed on a brick wall.

Laura Jean McLaughlin standing in front of Julia, her public art piece in The Pop District. Photo by Kitoko Chargois

Storytelling and sharing, universal experiences of human existence through a broad range of mediums, has been a consistent thread in Laura Jean McLaughlin’s artwork since she was a young child. Ceramics, the artist’s first love, has been a major part of her studio practice for over 30 years. McLaughlin’s tile mural in The Pop District, titled Julia, is inspired by Warhol’s mother. 

“Julia Warhola’s life and artwork has inspired me because of her beautiful line-work, ability to simplify imagery, and convey personality in her subjects,” McLaughlin says. “I often use simple black-and-white imagery with a touch of accent color to make my artwork more accessible to the viewer and to provide a narrative that can be universally understood, much like Julia’s artwork.”

McLaughlin’s intention with her carved porcelain tile mural is to share Julia’s vision and acknowledge the influence she had on her son Andy.

About the Artist

Laura Jean McLaughlin (b. 1965) is an American ceramic sculptor, print maker, and mosaic artist. She has created over 100 collaborative mosaic murals and installations throughout the city of Pittsburgh and as far away as Tolne Denmark.  McLaughlin received her MFA in ceramics from West Virginia University, and her work has been exhibited in over one hundred galleries and museums, including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Mobile Museum of Art, the Montgomery Museum of Art, the Ohio Craft Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, the Delf Norona Museum, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, the Baltimore Institute of Art, and The State Museum of Pennsylvania. She is a recipient of the Maggie Milono Memorial Award from the Carnegie Museum of Art and three prestigious residencies from the Kohler Company in Wisconsin. 

Julia has been made possible with the generosity of the Richard King Mellon Foundation.