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A smiling person, wearing black jeans and a black jacket, standing in front of a colorful wall with geometric patterns.

Typoe works on Over The Rainbow, photo by Sean Carroll

Over The Rainbow (2021), organized by José Diaz, The Andy Warhol Museum’s chief curator, is the first commission in the museum’s public art program.

The mural, sited on an exterior wall of the museum facing Rose Way, is inspired by Pop Art, memento mori, and Froebel Gifts, colorful blocks that encourage children to make connections in their learning and experimentation.

“This mural is an opportunity to engage the public with a selection of playful forms and allow room for individuals to discover and interpret the composition,” says Typoe. “With Froebel’s gifts, children stack and align blocks within a zone of uninhibited play; with Over The Rainbow, the general public can exercise their imagination through unbridled viewing. I hope that all who visit The Warhol are welcomed by these fields of color and leave having experienced their own journey in form.”

About the Artist

Based in Miami, Typoe is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice plays upon the constant tension between dark and light subject matter. He has participated in gallery and museum shows around the world and exhibited his work in Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Basel. Typoe is cofounder and Creative Director of PRIMARY, an art collective and gallery in Miami.

Over The Rainbow is organized by José Diaz, former chief curator.

Over The Rainbow has been made possible with the generosity of the Richard King Mellon Foundation.