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Donor Superstars

Featured Superstars

We would like to thank our Warhol Museum donor superstars for their generous and significant contributions to the museum.

Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt

Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt are supporting The Warhol's Femme Touch exhibition. They established The Bennett Collection of Women Realists in 2009. The two collectors limit their collection to figurative realist paintings of women by women artists. The Collection includes work by some of the most exciting women painters currently working: Margaret Bowland, Aleah Chapin, Andrea Kowch, Alyssa Monks, Katie O’Hagan and dozens of others on the cutting edge of figurative realism.

Steven and Elaine have chosen to limit The Bennett Collection to the work of women figurative realists to celebrate the fabulous work that these women are making as well as to counteract gender discrimination against these fine art painters. It is Steven and Elaine’s hope that their Collection will encourage and enable women painters to pursue figurative realism and likewise encourage others to collect figurative realist work.

A person wearing a blue dress with short brown hair and a person wearing glasses and a black suit stand in front of an artwork depicting a person in a green dress with their arms raised up.

Bank of America

Bank of America believes in the power of the arts to help economies thrive, to educate and enrich societies, and to create greater cultural understanding. The Bank of America Art Program is core to our commitment to responsible growth and sharing our success in the communities we serve.

Bank of America recognizes the significant and growing role of the arts in Pittsburgh. The Andy Warhol Museum partnership is an important part of our overall commitment to this thriving community. The museum has been a long time partner of Bank of America, and we value the integral role it plays in the local, national, and global arts landscape.

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