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We offer a range of series programs, including the ever-popular Sound Series concerts, a robust set of access events and activities, and inspiring artist installations.


Three performers pose in a line, the performer in the front squats with his hands raised. Toward the bottom of the image we get a glimpse of audience members' heads

TQ Live in The Warhol theater, 2017

Photo by Sean Carroll

The Warhol presents a range of contemporary performances and experimental theater. We are devoted to providing audiences with a diverse set of challenging and thought-provoking experiences.

Public Programs

People are seated in an audience, rapt in attention to the performance happening to the right outside of the image's frame

Photo by Sean Carroll

Public programs at The Warhol contextualize and illuminate the museum’s collection, special exhibitions, and contemporary culture. Programs range from artist talks, panel discussions, and social events, to educator workshops, youth programs, and access events.


The Exposures series features Pittsburgh artists at the start of their careers, honoring Warhol’s emergence in New York City. Installations have been featured in The Warhol Store’s street-facing windows, as a nod to Warhol’s early career as a window dresser. Installations in the museum’s galleries explore relationships with Warhol’s work.