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Recurring Event Day With(out) Art: Compulsive Practice

This is a composite image of nine photograph portraits set in three rows of three equal sized images.

For this year’s Day With(out) Art, The Warhol and Visual AIDS presents Compulsive Practice, a video compilation of compulsive, daily, and habitual practices by nine artists and activists who live with their cameras as one way to manage, reflect upon, and change how they are deeply affected by HIV/AIDS.

Compulsive Practice is curated by Jean Carlomusto, Alex Juhasz, and Hugh Ryan. Participating video makers and artists include James Wentzy, Nelson Sullivan, Ray Navarro, Carol Leigh/Scarlot Harlot, Juanita Mohammed, Luna Luis Ortiz, Mark S. King, Justin B. Terry-Smith, and the Southern AIDS Living Quilt.


Fifteen Minutes Eternal