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Recurring Event Lilith Bailey-Kroll & Tyler Phan: Death in the Age of Bardo 


Pittsburgh Biennial: Gertrude’s/LOT artist Lilith Bailey-Kroll and Tyler Phan interpret Tibet’s 8th Century bodhisattva, Padmasambhava’s timeless work Bardo Thödol (Liberation Through Hearing).  From its first English translation in 1927 by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, the social and cultural implications of Bardo Thödol have transitioned from a source of research to an actual practical guide for individuals coming to terms with the inevitable, death.  This lecture and performance is part of the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial: Gertrude’s/LOT exhibition, on view until January 8, 2011.

Additional Information

The event will begin with a lecture by Tyler Phan, followed by an intermission, then a performance by Lillith Bailey-Kroll.


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Thursday, May 16, 2024