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Recurring Event SARS Saturday: Chasing COVID

Join the University of Pittsburgh to learn about the creativity and innovation that drive life-saving vaccine research. Meet a virologist, an immunologist, an infectious disease doctor, and more from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research. Explore the parts of SARS CoV-2–from the number of spike proteins to the virus genome. Learn about herd immunity and why it’s important, and the need to continue being creative in vaccinology. Take part in activities to learn about the structure of viruses, how disease spreads, and see what scientists who work with these dangerous viruses in the Center for Vaccine Research have to wear.

At 12 p.m., screen the engaging and inspiring 30-minute film, CHASING COVID in the The Warhol theater. CHASING COVID is a new film that takes viewers inside the biocontainment laboratories in the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Vaccine Research where Dr. Paul Duprex, director and Jonas Salk, professor, and his team have been working collaboratively with scientists around the world to unlock the secrets of COVID-19 and find ways to defeat this new coronavirus. 

CHASING COVID is a University of Pittsburgh Center for Creativity Production. Producer: Janet Smith; Co-producer and Editor Andy Esper; and Producer and Director Carl Kurlander. For more information, visit:  

Co-presented with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Science Center

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