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Past Event Series Zero-Sum: God, Guns ‘n’ Guts:  Eight Films About Sex and Violence and…(1915 – 73)


The Shower of Roses part 7 (1915)

Gender and Religion and…This program offers up mankind’s classic conflicts – good vs. evil, man vs. beast, captor vs. captive, man vs. woman, living vs. dying – as shown or alluded to in nature films, collage films, cartoons, documentaries, and short narratives in a conscious attempt to prove that just about everything revolves around sex and death. From a 1950s educational film through the fictions and nonfictions of the harsh and sleazy ‘70s and ending with the final reel of a passion play from the days of early cinema, no stone is left unturned, no juxtaposition left untouched, no metaphor left unmixed.

The program:

Killers of the Deep (1950) by Stanley Simmons & Anne Herger  10 min.
The Little Lion Hunter (1939) by Chuck Jones  7 min.
Big Game Hunting in Africa (1928) by unknown  15 min.
Mrs. Cop (1973) by Joe DeCola 16 min.
#15 (1970) by B.J. Productions  8 min.
21-87 (1963) by Arthur Lipsett  10 min.
The Conference (1971) by Steve Simmons 10 min.
The Shower of Roses part 7 (1915) by Roma Film Co.  15 min.

All films 16mm, b/w or color, sound or silent.

Films courtesy The Orgone Archive.

Additional Information

Due to thematic elements no one under 18 will be admitted to this screening.


Fifteen Minutes Eternal