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Upcoming Exhibition Youth Art Exhibition

April 5–20, 2019

A group of girls stand together to look at large artwork on gallery wall.

Photo by Sean Carroll

Immortalizing the images of celebrities and commercial products, alike, Andy Warhol embraced and challenged the traditional ideas of portraiture throughout his career. Commemorating popular culture in the subjects he chose, Warhol created a narrative to the American Dream.

Contemporary artists, such as Yasuamasa Morimura, Firelei Baez, Farhad Moshiri, and Devan Shimoyama,have used portraiture as a way to visualize their lived experience and allow multiple facets of their identity intersect on the canvas.

This exhibition, presented by The Warhol’s Youth Arts Council, will be a visual exploration of identity and representation. Throughout his career, Andy Warhol both embraced and challenged traditional ideas about portraiture. In the age of selfies, reality TV, and surveillance, how do we represent ourselves and others in art? Pittsburgh-area teens were invited to submit original “portraiture” in any medium that explores ideas about self, identity, lived experience, community, and culture. Works submitted were reviewed and curated by teens on The Warhol’s Youth Arts Council based on creativity, technique, and theme.

Presented in conjunction with Youth Invasion 2019.