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Stories Exploring TC 540: Magazines

We find lots of magazines in the Time Capsules, but the fashion magazines from the 50s and 60s are really fun. A lot of people don’t know that Andy Warhol began his career as a commercial artist on Madison Avenue, debuting his work in the September (1949) issue of Glamour. The title that Elaina and I peruse in this video is the July 1956 issue of Charm, a magazine for which Warhol created some promotional work in the 1950s.

Some of Warhol’s work for Charm will be exhibited in “Reading Andy Warhol,” which opens in Munich in September 2013 and hits The Andy Warhol Museum in 2015. Visitors to the “15 Minutes Eternal” exhibition in Asia will see an issue of Charm from TC51. For more about Andy’s early career, check out the Warhol website.