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Silver Studio SessionsSleep Experiments

Woman wearing headphones singing into a microphone

Sleep Experiments

Sleep Experiments began as three friends making solo music, each of different styles and different backgrounds. One day they found themselves living mere blocks from each other, in the Central Northside of Pittsburgh, and decided it was high time for a collaboration. The vision was to create an intimate and dream-like space for the listener to reflect and absorb the ethereal sounds. It began with three guitars and with a firm limitation of “no drums.” It transformed into two guitars, keyboard, vocal loops and harmonies, and from time to time, a little beatbox.

Sleep Experiments performs “When I Was a Boy,” “Fixtures,” and “Keep it Together” at The Warhol in a gallery reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory studio.


Ben Harrison, Curator of Performing Arts and Special Projects
Production by Foothold Studios

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Silver Studio Sessions is a video series that offers stripped-down sets from our Sound Series artists in spaces inspired by Andy Warhol. To watch more Silver Studio Sessions, visit our YouTube channel.

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