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Stories TC526: Out of the Box

We normally open, process and catalogue Warhol’s Time Capsules behind locked glass doors in the Museum’s Archives.  Museum visitors can merely peek through the doors at our recent findings.  On September 28th, for the first time ever, the TC Cataloguers opened a Time Capsule for an audience of visitors in our theater.

What was inside TC526?  A little of everything!  The contents were incredibly varied (which isn’t surprising for a TC).  In this live footage from the opening, Marie and I talk about some of the exciting findings.  Not included in this footage: seven aluminum dental molds, packets of aluminum and plaster teeth, a 14 page typewritten inventory of artworks and furniture in Warhol’s studio, a tin Roy Rogers alarm clock, numerous Interview transcripts between Warhol and Truman Capote, and a vast array of ephemeral items.  The contents of TC526 span 1978-1982, and highlight some of Warhol’s business and personal activities during those years.

We were so excited to emerge from our locked Archives to share the contents of TC526.  If you’re intrigued by what we found in TC526, we’re happy to announce that on January 11th, we’re going to open another Time Capsule for the public!