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behind the scenesThe New Warhol Photobooth!

One of the great things about working at The Andy Warhol Museum is the ability to be involved in a variety of interesting and exciting projects. In early April of this year I was tasked with helping create and implement a new museum branded photobooth as part of our first floor re-design. The re-design project consists of a total overhaul of the entrance gallery and the moving of The Warhol Store to a larger space (stay tuned!). The new booth produces three photo strips in either color, sepia, or black and white color options. Immediately after your photos are taken you can use the assigned code on the photo strip to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter. A video is also taken of your experience that can be shared as well!

From 1963 to 1966, Warhol made hundreds of photobooth portraits and self-portraits, many of which were used to produce silkscreen paintings. Often the subjects in these photos  improvised outrageous performances before the camera creating fun and exciting narratives. Come and create your own outrageous performance – you’re guaranteed to create a memorable and fun keepsake in the spirit of Andy Warhol!