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Stories The New Warhol Store – Time Lapse

Video still from time-lapse footage of The Warhol Store

After years of discussions and fits and starts we moved The Warhol Store into much bigger digs this past fall! And it all fits into a 2:19 time-lapse.
It was part of a redesign of the entire first floor (and the museum) that will eventually include moving the café up to the main floor as well as a rehang of the entire collection.

Our director’s vision was to relate the space to Warhol’s Silver Factory period and while that meant silver brick in the main space, in the store we took our cues from more of the DIY aesthetic and utilized vintage and found pieces mixed with silver and gray.  It’s a very current look of hip hotels and chic indie boutiques, polished while still feeling “downtown”.

The desire is to really have an influence in shaping the visitor’s experience while making the whole space  a social hub.  Visitor’s sit and read, interact and discuss, and often return to the galleries to explore further, the store has truly become an integral part of the experience, instead of an afterthought tucked away in the corner.

We’ve tripled the size, expanded selections and there’s more to come!  The new space is a work in progress, a studio of sorts, allowing us opportunities that we didn’t have in the old small space.  We’re learning what works and what doesn’t, creating merchandise and we’re working with local artisans to reimagine the idea of “The Warhol Store”.
There are so many to thank, from the foundational support to the builders, who have all been thanked in previous posts, but a special thanks to Karen Peter who consulted on the project.

When we opened in October I said that it feels “grownup” and I think that covers a lot, but come by and judge for yourself.