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behind the scenesThe Warhol staff visits Kennywood

Founded in 1898 as a small trolley park near Pittsburgh, Kennywood is one of America’s oldest amusement parks, and The Warhol staff was lucky enough to have its retreat there this summer. Here’s a look at how a museum staffer sees the park.

The Warhol Store Sales Associate Erik Pitluga:

“Yesterday I found myself once again at Kennywood Park on a beautiful day. The park wasn’t too crowded, and I was able to ride nearly every ride. I’ve been visiting the park for as long as I can remember, and I try to make it there at least once each summer. This summer I was given the chance through The Warhol’s staff retreat. What set this visit apart from every other visit in my life was the smartphone riding around in my pocket with me. In the downtime between rides, I found myself taking photos and videos for the first time ever of the park that I’ve known and loved. Editing and sharing them provided me a few minutes of entertainment while I waited in line under the blistering sun.”


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Phantom’s Revenge

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane!

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