• In this bust portrait of a woman with dark skin she sits in profile with her head turned 45 degrees to look directly at the viewer. She has dark brown eyes and wears an elaborate headdress that fills the top half of the vertical portrait. The headdress is a variety of whites, beiges, browns, and a bit of blue where the fabric folds creating shadows. It includes a variety of decorative patterns.
  • The facade of The Warhol Museum is a white stone building. Two small steps lead up to the green front door, and a ramp to the door is visible on the right side of the image. There is also a large window on either side of the front door; the one to the left side of the image displays the word Warhol on a digital sign, and the other displays a portrait of Warhol on a digital sign. Both signs sit in front of royal blue wallpaper with yellow cow heads printed on it.
  • Two hands hold an Out Loud audio guide device. The touchscreen device displays several pieces of art from the seventh floor of the museum, which the user appears to be choosing between.
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