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behind the scenesTheater of the Self

Yasumasa Morimura: Theater of the Self in red and white paint on a dark grey wall.

It’s hard to believe that Theater of the Self has been open for more than a month now!  The museum started working on the show more than two years ago but things really got moving after a studio visit in Tokyo last February when we hashed out a basic structure for what we wanted to do and decided to focus on the 3 bodies of work represented in the exhibition.  This was followed  by a period of 6 months working very closely with the artist and his amazing assistant, Natsuko Odate, on the phone and over email to refine the checklist and finalize the layout which, for the first time, we did with the help of a three dimensional installation plan, thank you Jesse Kowalski!

I wanted to share some images of the install here on the blog and, for those of you who missed Morimura’s artist talk last month, please join us at 4pm on Saturday November 23 when I will be discussing the show with our Director, Eric Shiner, Assistant Archivist Cindy Lisica, and Associate Professor Charles Exley, who contributed an essay to the forthcoming publication.  I hope to see you there!