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Recurring Event Art in Action


The Andy Warhol Museum and Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon team up to bring Art and Sport to the patients in Children’s Hospital.  On May 9, 2011, volunteers and ChildLife will conduct a 2 hour event based on physical activity as well as pop art sports themed workshop.

Every child that participates will receive a Toyota Kids Marathon of Pittsburgh goodie bag, a Nike Kids Shirt, and a medal for participation.  Children will be able to silkscreen print their own pop portraits of local athletes and fun characters. Collage pop portraits will also be available for patients who cannot attend the event through the hospital’s bedside cart program.

The goal of the event is to bring both the marathon and the museum to kids who are not able to attend these events and programs in the community due to illness.

Activities include:

• Walking 2.62 laps around the atrium labyrinth

• Creating Pop Portrait acetate projects  for each patient (this activity can be done in bed – and could be packaged for kids to complete later)

• Silkscreen printing station – kids can print portraits using the technique Andy Warhol did – possible screens include local athletes – a custom screen for this event could be made if a local sports celebrity were involved.

• Taking your picture in front of the Pgh Marathon backdrop with a lifesize photo reproduction of Andy Warhol.

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